Q: je čas ukončiť tú smiešnu horor šou s Covid-19. Niekto nosí Covid masku, niekto nenosí masku a ani ju nikdy nemal na nose. Prečo?

It’s time to end the horror show.
It’s time to stand [lead by example].
Enough have seen [domino effect].
[note: who wears a mask and who does not]

Na fotke s maskou Brixová, Fauci a Fauciho kamarát Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listens at left.

Why did [D]s push ‘everything is fine’ narrative early on [ex: Pelosi China town]?
Why did science board push [no need close China travel] narrative early on?
Why did [select] govs push COVID-19 positive elderly patients into nursing homes [most at risk_proven] when surplus of availability in hospitals [+ USNS_Comfort]?
Why are CDC numbers conflating COVID-19 deaths with influenza, pneumonia, other?
Why are influenza deaths at [all-time] historical low levels vs years past [outside of standard deviation]?
Why are COVID-19 tests returning positive results on pawpaw’s and animals?
Why are [select] swing states undergoing heavy quarantine extensions?
Why are possible [treatments][cures] being prevented and attacked [USA]?
“Testing, Testing, Testing, Tracing, and Isolation.” – [Pelosi]

Trump on Friday declared the vaccine program he calls “Operation Warp Speed” will be “unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.” The goal is to have 300 million doses in stock by January, a huge gamble since a vaccine never has been created from scratch so fast — and one that could waste millions if shots chosen for the production line don’t pan out. As the manufacturing side gets into place, the National Institutes of Health is working in parallel to speed the science.

Do not believe *anything* until the Kremlin denies it™